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Researchers at Harvard, Princeton, Michigan and Kent State are among the leaders in the field, which focuses on how optimism correlates with better mental and physical health. Or, put another way, people with sunny dispositions tend to suffer less from depression, mental illness and live longer.

Life and Happiness Coaching is critically important to your life! It does not just mean that you are “in a good mood most of the time experiencing the emotion of joy”. Happiness is neither a “mood” nor an “emotion”. Happiness is a way of life consisting of qualities such as; courage, optimism, love and fulfillment.

Stop….and ask yourself---

  • Is this everything there is to life?
  • Am I using all the talents and gifts that were given to me to the fullest?
  • What are my talents and gifts?
  • Will I have any regrets at the end of my life?
  • What are my secret dreams that I keep putting off?
  • Does life have purpose and meaning?

True North Coaching Group

  • assist you to discover what's really most important to you in your life.
  • help you design a plan to achieve those things.
  • work with you to eliminate any obstacles or blocks that stand in your way.
  • partner with you all the way to success!

Who should hire a Life Coach?

  • Anyone who :
    • has a goal but isn't sure how to reach it
    • desires greater clarity and balance
    • wants to know how to effectively organize their time
    • needs to clear their life of excess stress in order to reach their full potential   for success
    • possesses a strong determination to discover their purpose in life and apply it   to igniting their passions


  • If you:
    • have goals that are not being met...
    • lack inspiration for everyday life...
    • don't know your destiny, cause, and calling...
    • waste time going around in circles...
    • lack focus and determination...
    • need more discipline...
    • want more freedom...
    • fight with your environment...
    • find yourself falling behind...
    • desire more success and fulfillment...

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He will peel back the onion, he will ask you thought provoking questions. It will not be superficial conversation – he will wake you up!!!
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Charlie offers a space that allows me to come to my own conclusions.  He has a fun, caring way of showing me areas in my life that I may be resisting and offers compassionate “nudging” so that I may find the courage to take inventory and set goals to succeed.
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He is a true Outlier, one of a kind, someone who you want to listen to and learn from. His energy, drive, and passion for life make him an exceptional person to get to know and a privilege to be coached by.
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