Find Your Passion

Find Your Passion/Enact Your Vision Coaching

In the highest version of yourself, who are you? What are you capable of accomplishing?
We all have obstacles holding us back; real courage comes in attaining our goals despite the obstacles. As an active participant of his own spiritual and personal quest, Charlie understands what it means to dig down into who we are, layer by layer, until we uncover that place where our true selves can most shine. To get there, Charlie might ask:

  • In what ways are you playing small with this one precious life you’ve been given?
  • What is the story you have created about yourself that is limiting you from the life that wants to be born?
  • If you make a change, what do you fear losing?
  • What distracts you or holds you back from going after what you truly want?
  • If you don’t make this change and wake up five years from now in the same place, what will the cost of that be?
  • Are you buying the green bananas, and will you have time for them to ripen before you eat them?
  • If not now, when?

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