Coaching can involve everything from Leadership, Management, Sales, Transition, Life, Fitness or Relationship.

What Is Working with Charlie Like?

Coaching with Charlie is like working with a guide who can see your true north, and who can assist you in the here and now.

Charlie works with only a handful of select clients at a time. In an initial, free 30-minute call, Charlie guarantees you are willing to be an active participant in coaching. Coaching is not therapy, so Charlie is looking for clients who are ready to move forward instead of looking backwards, and who want to jump-start their vision.

There is no template one-size-fits-all in Charlie’s coaching. You are a unique being with a unique set of challenges, life experience and innate needs. Coaching usually lasts for about 3-6 months, as Charlie’s aim is to put himself out of a job as quickly as possible and get his clients moving towards living without any regrets.

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