"Charlie is a true outlier ... his energy
drive and passion for life make him an exceptional coach"

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If not now, when?

One day -- perhaps sooner than we realize -- each one of us will die. On your deathbed, what will you wish you made the effort to do, learn, love, be, or try?
Now, imagine this.....
Now, imagine this: you’re about to take your final breath. Go ahead. Breathe it in, deeply. Think of everything you’re going to miss. In your final moment, what would you give to turn back the clock and have another month to hug your loved ones, dance ‘til dawn, travel the world?

Congratulations! You got your wish! And, even better, you don’t just get one final month. You are the luckiest person alive! Why? You have been gifted years or maybe even decades to fulfill those dreams and chase after your wishes.

But remember, there are no luggage racks on your hearse. There are no do-overs, no backsies on this one life you’ve been given. In your last few minutes, when all of your fears, complacencies or daily struggles have disappeared in the rear-view mirror, you’ll wonder why you ever allowed them to hold you back in the first place.

That’s the thing about blind spots; we can’t always see them ourselves. We need a mirror, a guide, a soundboard to assist us in finding our true north. Coaching with Charlie is like using the assistance of a compass to gently encourage us to find our own true north.

How many more times will you enjoy what you love?

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“Follow your Bliss” ~Joseph Campbell
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